Festive Photo Frenzy_Day 25

You might have seen it already on Facebook. If not..tadaaa. Merry Christmas 2011. xxx

And that was the last of the Festive Frenzy Photos. Thanks for taking part and your lovely comments. 😀



Festive Photo Frenzy_Day 24

Today is Christmas Eve which means it’s officially Christmas in Germany, which is where I am from (but you know that already, don’t you?).  We usually mark the occasion by having a German-style dinner (rolls, wieners and tea or hot chocolate) and then open a few of the presents. Because this year we are rather on the poor side we barely have any presents so it was only dinner and an episode of Nigella Lawson’s Christmas Cooking…yum.

Before dinner we tried to bath the Ba but she wasn’t having any of it. She found a duck and a boat in her stocking but just stood outside the tub and played with them. By the time I got out after begging and asking and coaxing my skin was shrivelled. *sigh*

The Lime then got her first present: a new pyjama. We want to make this a tradition. I stole the idea from Mama Syder who told me about her Christmas traditions in our Giveaway last month.

Anyway…. Merry Christmas!!! 😀


Festive Photo Frenzy_Day 21

We spent today in Bluewater (Shopping Centre). It was nice but packed. This photo was taken in LEON which is a lovely, seemingly healthy Fast Food place. They also do cook books. *swoon* I had the Sweet Potato Falafel Wrap and the guys had the Pea Curry. Lime had a bit of both. Yum!

Why is this festive? Well, it’s family and it was supposed to be the last bit of Christmas shopping we had to do and because I am wearing snowflake earrings. 😀

PS: There’s no photo for yesterday. I haven’t got one and I didn’t make it in time and I can’t be arsed. Sorry.