Thrifty Saturday No 1: Rain, rain, go away

Charity Shop, Second Hand Shop, Thrift Store…they have many names but whatever you may call them they can hold treasures you never thought you’d find. I decided I’m gonna refer to them as Thrift Shops and thrifted items. I like the sound of it.

I was never a big fan as it just wasn’t for me, but then I had the Lime and I thought, let’s have a look. And guess what, I walked out with branded clothes for which I only paid a fraction. I was hooked! I now go and check my local shops at least once a week and I rarely walk out empty handed. I tend to buy clothes for Lime or books for her or me…sometimes I even find something for the husband. 🙂

So, I’d like to share my superdupi finds. Some have already made it into Small Style posts (here and here) but I think they deserve to be celebrated because they’re just so fab! 😀

Today I’d like to show you these wellis:

With her much loved…loo roll


both pairs are thrift shop finds


the right pair belongs to me 🙂

Aren’t they adorable? It is so hard finding wellis for someone of Lime’s size, so having found TWO pairs at the total bargain price of £4.50 is just WOAH!

What have you found lately? Care to share? I’d love to see it. 😀


30 Days Hath November_Day 8

Day 08: The last item I purchased.

Peacocks Cardigan


I thought it looked cozy. I bought it (it was in the Sale). I took it home, tried it on again. I’ll take it back tomorrow.

Also, I shouldn’t spend anything anyway. I just really need and want a cozy, thick wooly jumper. *sigh*.



So Fawned :: 30 Days Hath November

30 Days Hath November_The List

Shoes, hats and uhm…pots

Despite being only 13 months old (well, almost…), Lime already owns way too many shoes and hats. Up until last week they’ve all been sitting in one of the drawers in our fancy IKEA Hemnes sideboard.

When we bought her her first ‚real‘ shoes…with a firm sole and all, you know, because of Autumn and Winter, enough was enough and we had to figure out a storage system. For a few days all of them, including the cardigans, lived on the floor in the spare room until I finally had the AHA! moment. And here’s what I came up with:

We do have more shoes…there’s just no space to put them all out


That’s right: flower pots 😉


Lime’s first pair of gorgeous TOMS…still a wee bit big


And this…
A few hats are missing due to being held hostage in a storage bag under the bed


How many shoes have you got? Do you love shoes? Hats? Is this too much? Share your thoughts! 😀

A treat

Today I indulged in a spot of shopping. Back in July last year, my office gave me a voucher for Cath Kidston – a store I love. Up until today I have not been able to spend that voucher simply because there’s just soooo much I love and last time we popped into the store I couldn’t decide but today I HAD to find something. The voucher is only valid until 28.7.11 EEEK.

Well, the Baba and me went to Tunbridge Wells with our friends Becky & George and I am proud to say I did spend it: on Braces and three T-Shirts. If I had been alone with lots of time (and money…) I might have found some more…it was probably for the best. Hehe.

The clothes are sized 1-2y and 2-3 so will last Lime a while. (Update 16.04.2016: she only stopped wearing them last year) I don’t mind buying ‚ahead‘. Anything I want her to fit in now I buy in whatever size fits her (she’s still in anything from Newborn to 6-9 months…) but I often grab things that should fit her when it gets colder. And why not. Stores have such a high turnover nowadays they rarely keep things in for long enough. So if you see something you want = BUY IT!!!

We also had lunch at Prezzo. And tea at Costa Coffee. And then it rained. And thundered. But we managed to stay {almost} dry. It actually got us just outside our houses.

Here’s a photo of Lime on the train. She looks a little worried, doesn’t she?


We’re gonna get in the car…

Today we went to IKEA. I love IKEA. The husband hates IKEA. The last time we went we had a BIG row and he announced he would NEVER EVER set foot in to that place again.

Well, I made him. We were going to buy a high chair for Lime…and have a look at some other bits and pieces. ;p

Now, I do like how you can just whizz from one department to another via all those shortcuts, BUT at the same time you can get sooo lost. We got lost. And just as we were approaching the Fabrics Section, the little lady had a Nappy emergency. Great. So we walked back..again. We went back and forth, up and down several times. At one point I got lost. And I never get lost. I’m like a Sat Nav without the Traffic Warning. 😉

We left IKEA with a high chair, a couple of storage boxes for her nappies and some baby sized coat hangers.

Also, as a side note: while out and about we only used cloth today. Wohoooo. 😀