What we’re doing on Saturday mornings nowadays

You might have read on here somewhere that the husband is into running. If not, he is into running.
Well, this morning he attended his 5th parkrun and of course, we went along just as we always do. 🙂


parkrun organise free, weekly, 5km timed runs around the world. They are open to everyone, free, and are safe and easy to take part in.
These events take place in pleasant parkland surroundings and we encourage people of every ability to take part; from those taking their first steps in running to Olympians; from juniors to those with more experience; we welcome you all.

From the parkrun homepage.

He uses these runs mostly as training runs for the Half Marathon in September in Tonbridge and is steadily improving his time. Whilst that is all very well, I am not here to talk about that. If you are interested you can check out his blog here. 😉 I want to talk about my role there. You might have spotted at the bottom of my blog a little counter from RunningAhead. At the beginning of this year I started running a little in our local park. I don’t like running much and I am anything but fit, but I thought I better get into shape, all those biscuits and Sprite have taken their toll. Unfortunately, I have no willpower (unless I see something I want) and after only 6 runs I have sort of stopped. I DO want to get into shape so WILL take it up again, but can’t be bothered at the moment. It’s a disgrace, I agree. 😦 

So, since I’m not running at parkrun I took on the role of photographer for the husband’s blog posts. parkrun lives off its volunteers and they approached me with the offer of taking the photos alongside, or instead of, their usual guy (when he’s off that is). Of course. So today was my first official day. I have just uploaded them and you can see them here.

When I’m there I have the Baba strapped to me in her bEco Gemini, so it is a teeny bit of a faff to take photos but it works so mustn’t grumble.

Today was a rather rubbish day, weather wise. It drizzled a bit, then turned into rain, then drizzle again. Made standing in a field taking photos of people running a joy. Such fun!

Anyway, it was nice to contribute. I won’t be doing this regularly since they already have two photographers, but I will, as I’ve said earlier, cover if they aren’t there. And I’m always taking photos of the husband anyway. 

After parkrun we go back to Tonbridge and throw our bags into the flat and head out for Brunch at the local Whetherspoon Pub (it’s a chain..what can I say). They do a nice Vegetarian ‚Fry Up‘. Yum! 
And afterwards we usually go to the playground where Lime can work on her stair climbing skills. She is quite good at it. For a while she just sat on the ground or stood at the stairs just watching the other kids go up said stairs. Then she tried it herself. I don’t know what age they are meant to master the stairs and I frankly don’t care but she’ll be 11 months next Tuesday and I’m proud. 😀 Oh, and we didn’t help at all. All we did was make sure she doesn’t fall off by standing close by. Anyway, I’m just trying to fill the space because I have two more photos. ;p
Last time, when it was sunny…with the Papa
Photographer at your service. Field not included.
And now I’m off to bed. Night Night! 

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