Then+Now – Rocket vs Lime Edition 1

Heute machen wir mal ein etwas anderes Then+Now (Heute+Damals) 🙂 Wie ihr ja vom letzten Beitrag sehen konntet, hatten wir Zuwachs. ♡ Der ist heute schon 5 Wochen alt und heisst Rocket (also nix mit Pfirsich 😉 )


Lime, Rocket und Pinguin London ❤︎ Freue mich schon, das nächste zu vergleichen. Ich glaube, da war Lime 1 Jahr alt…


Then + Now: Lime & London

Es ist mal wieder Zeit für ein Wachstumsupdate 😉


Der Pinguin gehört mir, hat der Herr mir damals geschenkt ^_^

Lime: 20 months on

Darling Lime

This is long overdue, I think the last time I wrote about you and your achievements in the baby & toddler department was…last year. :s

You are now 20 months…in less than 4 months you’ll be 2 years old. 2 years! Oh dear…

You are amazing. We have so much fun with you, enjoying the family kisses & hugs, watching endless repeats of your 4 favourite shows (same episodes too :s) and more…

We have been going through a round of Homeopathy to see if we can help you take the next step in toddlerhood, and it seems to work, slowly but surely: you have definitely started eating more. It’s still minuscule amounts, but you seem to actually enjoy it.

Something to look forward to for you: in the summer, we are going to Germany to see Opa. It’s his 50th birthday and we’re all very excited. 😀 You’ll be seeing my grandparents again as well. You have last seen them at Christmas 2010 which is a loooong time ago now. Sadly, my Oma (Opa’s mum) passed away last month, but we’ll visit her too.

You love meeting up with your friend Aiden. You two copy each other, it’s hilarious. He started eating paper and you picked up the climb-on-a-chair-and-rock-it. Such fun.

I would like to ask you to forgive me for being stressed when you are having a hard time. It’s tough for me when I can’t figure out what’s wrong and I can’t make it better.

And Papa would like to say sorry for still not knowing how to put on the night nappies correctly ;p

Baba, you are the love of our lives. It has to be said. Lots&lots of kisses! Mwah!

Mummy&Papa ♥