Small Style No 29

Mama loves Papa

Who’s this handsome chap??

After a long day of much walking, climbing & sliding at Wear M Out (see below), Lime hijacked her friend A’s hat and buggy

Longsleeve: QS
Pants: H&M
Socks: H&M
Shoes: Clarks (gift from a friend)
Hat: belongs to her friend A

Lime & A

The little boy in the striped top pretty much stuck by her side for almost the entire time we where there. He also kissed her several times….



Small Style No 28

Mama loves Papa

Top: babyGap (gifted, 6-12months size)
Nappy: Rump*a*Rooz
Legwarmers: Babylegs
Boots: unknown (thrifted)

The grey outfit was given to us when Lime was born. Today she wore it for the first time.


Small Style No 27

Mama loves Papa

White Longsleeve: H&M
Blue T-Shirt: Thrifted
Trousers: ‚Pirate Pete Pull Ups‘ by Frugi
Socks: H&M
Booties: Moccis
Umbrella: Thrifted 80p!!!!!

When nursing, stabilize thyself with a foot on the table and hold onto something totally unsuitable. Always.
Foam fun with the Papa

I am a big opponent of any kids‘ clothes that have slogans using words like: Princess, Trouble, Daddy, Mummy and similar but this was part of a small bundle of T-Shirts and shorts I got for very little ££ so who am I to complain. 😉


Small Style No 26

Mama loves Papa

Introducing our new Small Style Header. Do you like? 😀

Dress: thrifted (25p!!!)
Cardigan: the Husband’s nan brought this back from a cruise for him when he was Lime’s age
Leggings: ASDA (same as before, just bought a size up)
Shoes: H&M
Hat: same as before, BespokeBabyRoom

On the swings with her friend Elsa


Small Style No 25

Welcome to {Small Style}. This is where Lime shows off her outfits every Thursday (and any excuse for me to show off my babe ;p) Do join us by linking in the comments. This whole thing btw started over at Mama loves Papa

Longsleeve: Gap (thrifted)
Dress: PumpkinPatch (the size is 0-3 months…insane!)
Tights: Mothercare
Shoes: TOMS
Coat: TU Sainsbury’s (thrifted)