‚Mission Mud‘ by ULTM8 Warrior




1. soft, sticky matter resulting from the mixing of earth and water.

„ankle deep in mud, we squelched across a meadow“

synonyms: mire, sludge, slush, ooze, silt, clay, gumbo, dirt, soil;

Lime loves running. But running through mud and over obstacles is even better, so The Husband signed her up to another one of ULTM8 Warrior’s Obstacle Course Challenges for Juniors. Her first was back in June; read about it here on Blog7t.


Well, she got what she came for

This particular OCR (Obstacle Course Race) was part of Mudstock, a ‚family fun weekend‘ that took place from Friday 29th July until Sunday 31st July 2016. Think Fitness meets Woodstock, but without the music (unless someone brings a guitar or speakers). We would have loved to do the whole weekend, but it was all a bit short notice and we don’t own a tent (yet!) so maybe, possibly we sign up for it next year.


Filler Photo, but also The View

On this lovely sunny morning, we arrived just after 9am when it was still pretty quiet. The Split Screen Coffee Company had their fabulous VW van there, and I got myself a lovely Mocha and 3 pieces of Banana Bread for us to share. Meanwhile, The Husband and Lime checked out the course and its obstacles.


Isn’t she beautiful? May was born in 1965 in Wolfsburg, Germany and started life as a delivery van for a local bakery


Race Start was 10.15am and everybody and their kitchen sink lined up at the start for the 4-6 years wave. Unlike last time where she was almost last, Lime was off like (a) Flash and entered the forest bit in third position, lead by Thor. I had to wait quite some time for her to come back out. The Husband was with her, to take photos and just see her do her running thing, and I wondered whether she got stuck in the mud (yep!) or refused to go in said mud (nope!).


Can you spot the kitchen sink? Also: show me your wristbands, puny mortals!

A few kids had overtaken her, some crying, some not doing all the obstacles, most with parents clinging to them, but as far as I know she finished as second girl. Not that anybody cared or mentioned it (Last time, they had a podium and the first three boys & girls got a mention and cheer.) Oh well…


From top left to bottom right

As with all runs, all finishers got a medal. The Husband ran off for a run along the course (if you follow him on Strava, you can check out the course map), while Lime and I fought to the death with the giant Q-Tips (or Pugil Sticks, as they’re called in the professional world). To the DEATH, I tell ya! Good fun, that…


Mission Mud Accomplished

Afterwards, we took a little walk up the hill to check out the Mudstock village. Sadly, it seemed as if most people had gone home already. Only a few tents were still there and not much of all the other things this event offers. We did get some lovely views of the local countryside, though.


In the distance and not visible: Gatwick Airport

Back down in the valley, we discovered the shower/wash area and took the opportunity to wash Lime’s muddy shoes, two pairs because we had gone into the forest once more, to see the muddy parts. A few others were also using the big basin to wash (though the water was anything but suitable) and we ended up in a splash war with a boy called Justin and his mum. (Side Note: A Pizza van had turned up at the end, which strikes me as really odd and a wasted opportunity, but what can you do. I don’t book the entertainment)


Ganging up

And finally we headed back home, listening to the #GermanGP on BBC5 Live, which lost its signal under every bridge, no matter how small.


Gimme a HULK!

Photos by copy7t (the ones with me in them :p )and me, myself & I

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