A Cotton Anniversary

Back when I started this blog it was supposed to be my ‚Wedding planning‘ blog. It never got that far. A limited budget and limited imagination meant that it soon stalled and just sat there. Then along came the bump and all focus shifted there. The Wedding came and went and I never even posted any photos…or even mentioned it after the day-before post. So on our

Photo Source

anniversary I’d like share a few thoughts and photos with you all. 🙂

Two years ago, right about this time, I walked down the aisle to Transatlanticism, giddy inside and nervous about messing it up. Right by my side was my dad, even more nervous than me. On either side where friends and family with big smiles and cameras. In front of me another nervous person, the registrar whose first wedding this was. But, and I realize how cheesy this might sound, the only person I managed to see in my lightheadedness was my husband-to-be who stood there with a huge grin on his face and tears in his eyes. This was it.

Back then we knew our family was growing and it felt amazing to finally put those pieces of the great, big puzzle together. There are still some missing but life’s only just begun. 🙂


















Our guests and the castle in which we got married


These are only a selection of the photos taken that day. I also haven’t included many photos showing our guests since I don’t know whether they’d be happy to be seen on my blog.
The restaurant – Vaudrey’s – who seemed to have come out of nowhere just as I was about to give up looking for a venue and who have gone out of their way to make our evening easygoing, carefree and beautiful, sadly are no longer trading. It’s as if they appeared just for us.
Wedding Music 
1 – 8 Ludovico Einaudi’s Divenire
09 Death Cab For Cutie ~ Transatlanticism (I waked into the room at the ‚I need you so much closer…‘ line ♥ )
10 Ludovico Einaudi ~ Oltremare
11 Cliff Richard ~ I Love You

Wedding anniversaries are normally when the kids stay with the grandparents, the husband rushes to buy some last minute gifts or flowers and where the wife wants to be pampered a little, at least that’s what the movies like us to believe.

We’re no fans of that.

Getting married for us meant the start of our family and therefore this is a family day. We don’t really do anything special, we just enjoy being together. Maybe we have a special dinner. Or maybe, as it is the case this year, we just have Bangers’n’Mash. 🙂


Have you posted your wedding photos? Have I seen them? I’d love to so why not share them here? How about the music? What was YOUR song? 


Note: All photos by Im.Art. Photo no 9 by Jonathan Covey. Photos no 13 & 17 by my dad

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