The Week in Pictures

{In no particular order}
As soon as this photo was taken she was off…and she didn’t eat any of the things on that plate


THAT* day at Sainsbury’s…with her friend Aiden


This is the wrap I’ve won in a KOKADI design competition last March. It arrived in December and is gooorgeous


Lime meets the Sandmann for the first time


This baby loves phones


She’s rocking that shirt
She has taken to hugging big, bulky objects when nursing. Every heard of teddy bears dear? :s
My beautiful lady(bird)


That is one amazing yogurt…mmmmm


Sunday. Escaping the confines of the indoors. At last.

*Last Thursday, as we popped into Sainsbury’s to pick up some lunch, we walked straight into a nightmare: a man had collapsed, was lying on his back, on the floor, bright purple in the face. It must’ve happened just before we came in but it was pretty clear that he was dead. There were several S’s employees around him, one on the phone, one doing CPR and the rest doing nothing.
Nobody had closed off the area around him or shielded him from the shoppers. His face was in full view. The guy doing CPR did it wrong: he pressed below the point he should’ve pressed. My friend, who was with me, is a nurse and she went over to check whether she could help. The guy stopped to chat to her!!??? Hallo??? She later told me that they were saying things like ‚Oh, he’s a goner, we should stop‘ etc but she urged to keep going until the ambulance arrived. They did. It took them about 10 minutes to get the Defib down from the office, in fact, it arrived AFTER somebody came running with a pillow to ‚make him look comfy‘ (Manager). O_O All the people around him looked like they were on a lunch break, it was disgusting.
Eventually a first response unit (one guy) arrived. We must’ve been in Sainsbury’s for about 30 minutes and when we left they were still pressing his chest, there were two ambulances and somebody brought oxygen bottles in but really…he was gone.
It was truly horrible. I am aware how de-sensitized I’ve become thanks to the news and films and all but seeing somebody like that is like a hard slap in the face. >< I hope his family are ok.

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