Taking off the dust sheets: Welcome to 2012

I can barely believe that I’m having a rare few minutes JUST ME in the house so here’s what I’ve been up to since…well last year. 

First of all I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year’s Eve/Day and are you as excited about this new year as I am? 😀

January is halfway done and I’d just like to tell you a little about our holidays before it’s too late. (How long after the event can you blog about it? What is socially acceptable?) We had a great two weeks with my family although not all of them stayed that long; my mum and her partner only came for about 2 1/1 days. 😦

The husband, my brother, my mum, her partner and my dad at the New Year’s Day parkrun

Christmas day was spent at the In-Law’s house and Lime got showered with fantastic presents, amongst them a doll, a xylophone, books, clothes, a stroller (which really was an add-on after Christmas) and much more. Too much, I’d say, but because it’s so many different things (reading, playing, wearing etc) it’s not too bad and didn’t overwhelm her too much. She had a great time unwrapping her’s and other’s and even made very excited squealy sounds. 🙂 So cute.

I myself got some really lovely gifts for Christmas (and a week later my Birthday): a longed-for (2 year!) subscription to The GreenParent, DVDs (Sherlock Holmes and Where The Wild Things Are), books, money £££, one of my nan’s old cup+saucer sets which I loved and feared gone forever when she moved into a retirement home, a desk calendar with wise quotes and in my stocking I found: toothpaste+toothbrush, spaghetti and a spaghetti measurer…oh well. :p (There were more, but it’s all a blur as Christmas was spread over so many days this time).

On New Years Eve my mum arrived with her new squeeze and we settled in for a long night. (In recent years New Year’s Eve has meant long stretches of boredom with us going to bed just before midnight because it was ‚just not worth it‘. This year our hopes were high thanks to so many people being around and we weren’t disappointed, time flew by.) We prepared some food, some wine and beer and attempted some fortune telling via the medium of ‚lead pouring‘ (now, I don’t know if it is really lead but that’s the name. Find a description here). I got a rooster which means… well, actually I forgot what it meant, but I can tell you what I got New Years Eve 2009/2010: a ‚fetus‘ which means (according to the card that came with the pack) ‚You will be expecting a baby‘ or something along those lines. Yay.

Oma and Lime dancing

Anywho, we also went out to light some sparklers and later on watched the London Fireworks online and then toasted each other and then we all went to bed. Oh, and it was suddenly 1 January 2012 which meant:

…to meeee

I don’t know how to explain it, but I was dreading this number. In your twenties, you’re still ‚young‘, you still feel closer to your childhood years and you get away with stuff but with the 3-0 comes big change. Suddenly you’re an adult and you can’t or shouldn’t be seen wearing certain clothes, liking or doing certain things etc. Maybe it’s just me. 30 sounds serious. And it’s the road to 40…*sigh*

Right, so this birthday of mine was celebrated at ‚The Good Companions‘ pub after this year’s first parkrun. It was a special New Year’s Day one so we had lunch in the pub rather than just tea or coffee. It was great, especially since I celebrated with lovely family, friends and cake. 🙂 Hmmmmm.

parkrun family
With everyone gone home now, for the first time in my adult life, I actually miss having my family around. I wish we could all live closer together or even really close, like, in the same town or (biiiig) house *sigh* but that’s never going to happen because a) my parents don’t speak English and b) I am not going back to Germany….unless they give Saxony to the English which makes sense considering that’s where most of them come from anyway. ;p
So hopefully I’m back on track with the blog now. I hate not being able to update it. 😦 I feel as if I’m missing out but thank you for all your patience and messages 🙂 xx

PS My favourite post-birthday present might be this new toy (and I’d just like to thank my Dad again for this. MWAH!)

Nikon p500
PPS If you fancy seeing more photos, check out the massive Christmas photo post.

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