Splish, Splash, Scrub-a-Dub: About the Baby and the Bath

I wanted to tell you a little story about Lime and bathing. ♥

Lime loves a lot of things, mainly paper, yogurt and Mummy’s boobies. What she doesn’t like is water, bath water to be precise. We don’t know why or where it comes from but she is very reluctant to go anywhere near it and seems to panic when her feet touch the water. A friend on FB suggested that in our gene pool there might be someone who was afraid of water or who had a bad experience with it. And there is: my Dad’s mum is scared of water and my Mum’s mum can’t swim. So double-whamy.

First Bath…with the Papa

We’re trying though. Lime had her first bath when she was six weeks old. I remember asking in the hospital when they would clean her and am now SO happy that they were too busy and forgot to bath her. She got to keep her newborn vernix for longer. Maybe that’s why her skin is so lovely? Who knows.

When I was still pregnant I made a list of things we need and ‚might want‘. Amongst them was a Flexibath. I loved the idea of it, since we don’t have much storage space, but in the end we didn’t bother. Any bath Lime takes happens in the big tub with either the Husband or me. Saves faffing about and our backs say Thank you!.

Second Bath…with the Papa

In case you’re wondering, we used to top’n’tail her aka wash her with a cloth and water, nothing else. This didn’t happen everyday but she wasn’t dirty so no need for more than what we did really. I still wipe her face and body with a cloth. Sometimes I add a few drops of Lavender essential oil to the water or a squeeze of Organic Baby wash, but not always. I don’t like the idea of adding anything harsh to the water so you would not find any J&J (or similar…) products in our house.

When she was younger and in desperate need of a bath (explosions, anyone?) I’d stick her in the kitchen sink. That happened about three times. Oh and when we spent Christmas at my grandparents’s house last year, she had a shower with the Papa. That was exciting! 🙂

Some sink action…with Mummy (I don’t remember her being this chubby!)

As she is getting older, she hopefully understands that water won’t harm her and so we have decided that every few weeks, one of us (mostly me) would have a bath with her. I get in first and the Husband is with her in the room and we ask her every few minutes if she wants to join me (and yes, I admit it, I use the boobies as bait. ;p)

She’s very reluctant but doesn’t seem worried at all when we ask her. She grins this massive grin and teases us but it does take a while for her to agree to come into the bath. It’s as soon as her feet touch water that she seems very worried and might even panic. Poor ba. 😦

This Bath happened at Nanny & Grandad’s house…with the Papa

One thing I don’t want to happen is for her to feel pressured or scared so if she clearly doesn’t want to join me then that’s fine. We’ll try another day. Out of the two times we’ve done this in the past month she’s joined me both times. The first time, however, was touch-and-go as she panicked a little when she touched the water and I held her close to me and it took a while for her to relax so also I nursed her and then we were able to wash her. The Papa held her hand all the while. No tears so, a good result. 🙂

Seeing as water is quite drying (funny that, eh?) we put coconut oil on her. It’s quite sweet how she stretches her arms and legs out to have it applied. 🙂

The sink again…with Mummy

From day one we took her into the bathroom with us (unless she was asleep). At first, she was lying on a thick, folded towel on the bath mat. Then, later, she’d sit on it and now she walks in and out, stealing the loo roll and sometimes having a quick nurse…(yeah…) She knows what we do in the bathroom and what it looks like to brush your teeth.

Every now and then, in the mornings, she points at the shower and looks at me as if to say: you going in? She then sometimes uses her loo paper (which she looooves to chew and then drop e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e) and rubs along my thigh, as if she’s cleaning me. Amazing really. 😀

Sad and tired eyes…with Mummy

A word about bath time as part of an bed time routine: I am, frankly, not a big fan of this. Yes, it might relax (as you can see from the photo above…but don’t be fooled, she was running around just after) but doing this every night can’t be good news for baby’s skin and not to mention the cost and waste of water. Bath time should be fun and for cleaning and not something one has to do in order to sleep. I remember, as a child, having to jump into the tub (with barely any water in it) for my daily evening bath. Very annoying. (May I add here the usual: your child, your house, your choice 😉).

Still unsure…but Papa’s hand is there all the way
We’ll continue down this road for a while and see what happens. Some rubber ducks are on the shopping list and maybe a boat or two, however the swimming pool won’t be top of the list of things-to-do for a while yet but I’m sure that one day we’ll be able to enjoy a family swim. 🙂


How do you treat bath time? Do your kids enjoy it? Is it hard work? What did you do when they were newborns?


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