A Review: Britax B-Agile_Revisited

Last month I reviewed the new Britax pushchair B-Agile. Amongst other things I said that it doesn’t come with a bar and that I am unable to fasten my Buggysnuggle without it either falling off or preventing Lime from lying flat.

Now, imagine my surprise when the postman rang once and handed me two boxes containing a bar and a footmuff respectively. They didn’t tell me they would send it so I was happily surprised.

If you remember me showing you how to click in the car-seat adaptors then you know how easy that was. The bar is the same and it clicks in to the same spots. Lime loves it and can now be seen leaning on it, rather like a too-cool-for-school boy racer. ;p

Boy Racer, Cozycozycozy and Lime’s usual position

The footmuff is gorgeous, however, style-wise, and I’m only being honest here, I would not go and buy it but that is only because I love the cute designs by Buggysnuggle. So, if Britax where to offer this footmuff in a fancy design then I’d {DEFINITELY} go and by it because it is snuggly, it’s warm, it makes me want to take the Lime out and crawl in myself. 😀

It fits well on the B-Agile despite the box suggesting it might belong to another Britax pushchair. I am still not happy about not being able to fasten it (ever tried getting a child into a footmuff without said thing going everywhere???). There are two loop-like things on either side about shoulder height but I have no idea what they are supposed to do, so I just hooked them around the frame of the buggy. This still means that when lying flat the footmuff doesn’t move with the backrest but at least it stays in place.

I actually thought about this long and hard and I do have an idea for how to secure footmuffs in pushchairs but I am unsure about how to go about it. Hm.

Verdict: My Lime stays warm and cosy this winter and thanks to the bar she can now sit up again and if, instead of her, we’re transporting our shopping again, it won’t fall out. 😀

Thank you, Britax!


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