Public Service Announcement

Back when this blog was still at Tumblr, I used Disqus for the comments but never really got on with it. So, when I switched to Blogger I switched the comments to IntenseDebate who are great but I’ve had problems recently where comments disappeared etc.

I’ve seen Disqus on other blogs and it looked good so thought I’d give it another try. And so that’s why you’ll find the comment section looking a bit different. But better, I hope. (The only thing Disqus don’t have is the form just appearing without a new page loading…that would be the icing on the cake).

Eagle-eyed readers might have spotted a different font and colour scheme. You’re right. I had to re-do the whole design because with my old template, Disqus wouldn’t load. But fear not, come Christmas season (27.12.11!!) I shall change the whole lot again..because I roll with the seasons. ;D

PS Any old comments won’t be in order meaning replies aren’t shown in relation. Also, I haven’t checked yet, but all comments that were lost when I changed the blog name should be back.

Happy commenting! 😀

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