30 Days Hath November_Day 14

Day 14: A favourite movie.

Oh, I have so many favourite movies. I wish I could list them all, but I can’t so I will pick just this one. I must have seen this at least 30 times. I love everything about it: characters, music, setting, stories, everything. (There’s also La Boum II, but I prefer the first one)

La Boum (engl. title: The Party) 

Every time I watch this film (in German, btw because I don’t understand French and haven’t yet found the English version) I feel happy. This..uhm… light just washes over me, I sit back, relax and immerse myself in this film, which you should know, is neither deep nor Oscar worthy. I can watch it over and over and over and over again without getting bored. Oh, and I adoooore Sophie Marceau. ♥


Thirteen-year-old Vic (Sophie Marceau) is new at her high school. She makes friends with Pénélope (Sheila O’Connor) and together they check out the boys at their school, looking for true love. Vic is frustrated by her parents, who will not allow her to attend the „boum“, a big party. Her grandmother, Poupette, helps her out, and Vic ends up falling in love with Matthieu (Alexandre Sterling). While Vic is busy finding her true love, her parent’s marriage faces a crisis when her father’s ex-girlfriend demands a last night together.[1]

Source: From the Wikipedia Link.

(It’s quite interesting really, the film is from the 80s and this plot was written only recently..one can really tell the difference in language. This would’ve sounded very different on an 80s version of the same Wiki page, don’t you think?)

Click here for the Trailer (in French).

{Runners up: Backbeat, 300, Atonement, Love, Actually and When Harry Met Sally.}





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