30 Days Hath November_Day 13

Day 13: Something Someone I’m proud of.

The husband. Yes, another post featuring the man in our lives, but you know… 😉 There are loads of things I could list that drive me insane, but I leave those for another day *snigger* I want to share why he makes me proud:

5 day old Lime & Papa


  • He loves his daughter and me.
  • He cares about his daughter and me. Not a lot, not sooo much, not any other restrictive word: he just cares.
  • He didn’t have a clue about anything when we discovered we’re {yes, we’re THAT couple} pregnant and just let me figure it all out. He even went as far as being sceptical and ‚against it‘, but he kept an open mind and is now as passionate about breastfeeding, cloth nappies, no-crap-in-food&toiletries, bed-sharing & more as I am.
  • He changes a nappy without protest and in fact changed almost every single nappy for the first month of Lime’s life.
  • If anyone would attack our way of parenting or living, he’d defend us.
  • He goes to work everyday to bring the bacon salad home, though I know he’d rather stay at home, snuggled up with ‚his ladies‘.
  • He’d even consider being a Stay-at-Home-Papa – or SAHP – another u-turn. 🙂
  • He’s never once has put his own needs&desires *cough* before anything else. And that is rare.

You know, it would’ve been so easy for him to just ignore me and my ‚research‘ (apart from the arguments ;p), but he let me get on with stuff. He listened endlessly to what I had to say and rant about, he’s even reading ‚The Politics of Breastfeeding‘ at he moment, and although he might never understand fully what my birth experience means to me (Note to self: must share birth story), he doesn’t put it down with ‚At least the baby is healthy, get over it‘. If and when we have a sibling for Lime he will fight with me for our rights and wishes.

Almost 15 months old Lime & Papa

I guess, I just want to say that he’s an amazing person, husband and, of course, Papa to Lime and we love him lots.lots.lots. ♥





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