30 Days Hath November_Day 9

Day 09: A close-up of my day.

Right, so you want to know about my day? Prepare to be…bored. ;p

Sometimes she sleeps longer than me…
  • The Husband leaves the house sometime around 6.30am-7.15am and sometimes we wake up too, but manage to go back to snoozeland for another hour or so.
  • We then just lie there, me reading, the Ba nursing and climbing the bed or me and generally just lazing about.
My not very Vegan breakfast..I just adore eggs…
  • Then we get up. I get ready first, then it’s the Lime’s turn.
  • Breakfast. Yum. We might watch some Catch-Up TV…current favourite is a German show called ‚Unsere erste gemeinsame Wohnung‘ (Our first flat). It’s a ridiculous and pointless show, but I love looking into people’s houses and lives. 😉 And the Ba gets to hear German, although they do swear a lot.
  • Then we play/clean/surf the web. Or we go out, maybe the playground, the high street, the baby group.
  • Lunch?
  • Somewhere in between or even alongside all this the Lime has a nap. Sometimes short, sometimes long, sometimes none. When she does, I read.
  • In the afternoon we might have a play date or we play/clean/surf the web.
  • Once it get’s to 5pm we get prepared for the Husband’s return. We either cook together or we pick him up from the station. Not so much now as it is dark outside. Also, the Lime seems to have a nap just around that time. Bit late, I know. She doesn’t.
Napping &  Reading
  • At around 6.15pm we venture out into the communal halls to wait for the Husband’s arrival. The Ba walks up and down the hall, sometimes meeting other residents and smiling broadly. Or not.
  • When the Husband is home, I go and cook while they play. That’s the ideal. Sometimes it doesn’t happen that way.
Typical Dinner
  • With dinner we watch ‚Come Dine With Me‘ on C4oD. Afterwards we might watch something else (Gossip Girl, Misfits, Nevermind the Buzzcocks, whatever…) or we play/clean/surf the web.
  • The Lime should fall asleep around 7pm-9.30pm which is when I take her to the bedroom, change her and nurse her to sleep. Which can take ages. Sometimes I’m able to read.
  • Because the night time is the only time I get some ‚Me Time‘ I now stay awake longer than my family who is happily snoring away in the bedroom. I am a Night Owl but we used to go to bed at the same time…and I feel I’m letting the side down. *sigh*.

And that’s that. Our very ordinary, boring day. Feel free to share yours. 🙂




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