30 Days Hath November_Day 10

Day 10: What I love about my job.

Source: Message with a bottle

That photo says it all, doesn’t it? I have to say: if I got a one hour (lunch) break everyday and a salary being a mum would be the best job ever for me. Why?

I love…

  • …being able to be with Lime all day. Every day. I would HATE missing anything.
  • …if I want to do nothing all day, I can. I’m lazy like that.
  • …hanging out in the park on sunny days, staying indoors on rainy days. Who’d say no to that?
  • …that I can eat whenever and whatever I want. Oh yes.
  • …that I can meet other people.
  • …that I could watch Tv all day long if I want.
  • …that I can play all day with the Ba. Or sleep.
  • …that I don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to take an overpriced, understaffed, packed train to work…
  • …and come back in the middle of the night on an overpriced, understaffed, packed train
  • …not standing in the cold, waiting at the station for a leaf or snowflake to be cleared off the tracks.
  • …that my boss might be demanding but I don’t have to explain myself, don’t have to suck up, don’t have to be worried whether my work is good enough because unless one is a total a**ehead being a parent is easy (Love, nurture, don’t hurt, don’t neglect, trust your instinct, follow your heart).
  • …probably much much more.

Now, having said all that, I DO want to do something. I daydream about sewing, creating, taking photographs and more and somehow through that not only earn a little income but also satisfy my inner craving for..well, creativity and satisfaction. There are a few things on my mind that I’d love to try but I just cannot find the time or money or both to start.

I love discovering blogs stuffed full of beautiful, handcrafted things. And I’d love the idea of having one of those myself but you see, I am not very creative. When ‚talent‘ was given out I must’ve been distracted or in the bathroom because although I might be good at certain things, nothing I do (or want to do) is REALLY good (enough). But we’ll work on that. I try to go by ‚Learning by Doing‘. 🙂

Anyway…I love my job. All I really need is a salary. ;p

Oh, and my co-worker is quite hot. 😉 


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