30 Days Hath November_Day 6

Day 06: A book I’m reading

I’ve been reading a LOT lately. Thanks to Lime still nursing so very much and her naps being of the best quality when she’s in my arms I can sit down and read in peace when she, well, naps. 🙂

Earlier this year, a friend of mine posted about a ’50 book challenge‘ on her blog. I was intrigued and of course, had to sign up IMMEDIATELY! 😀 At first, I set the limit to 20 books, thinking I’d never made it but then I really got into reading again (I go through phases…) and what I said about Lime’s nap earlier so I changed it to 30 and then 40. I am so very close, in fact, I’ve just finished another book today.

Now, the books I read are not always terribly educating or interesting. I like to mix it up a little. It’s probably easiest if I tell you what I don’t like reading: I’m not interested in Crime, Horror, Mystery, Manga and Fantasy (exception being anything by Tolkien. He’s amazing).

I’ve just finished a book today called ‚Going Dutch‘, a „light novel“ as I like to call these types of books. It was awful, predictable and full of mistakes. I’ve just picked up another one of those called ‚Chasing Harry Winstone‘ by Lauren Weisberger.

One that I’ve read recently and which has stayed with me and affected me deeply is {‚Eat, Pray, Love‘} by Elizabeth Gilbert.

It kicked something off inside me that I haven’t yet been able to identify and act on. I have also watched the film and let me tell you, it’s got barely anything to do with the book. 😦

Most, if not all, of the books I’m buying nowadays are from the local Oxfam Store and cost me anything from 20p to £4.00. I love it.

If you fancy linking up with me on Goodreads then why not come and have a look at my library. 🙂




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