30 Days Hath November_Day 4

Day 04: A friend I adore.


You might remember me talking about parkrun. We are going every Saturday, the Husband runs and the Lime and me watch. Afterwards, everybody goes to the local pub for a tea or coffee. Now what does that have to do with today’s Mememe and why is there a photo of a cat?

Source: Riddlesdown@Flickr

The cat belongs to Nicki who is – I believe – the creator and therefore {Mother} of the Riddlesdown parkrun which was born (hehe) on 2 July this year. We’ve been part of this from day one and it really feels like family. There are normally anywhere between 40 to 80 runners, all with family and dogs in tow. It is fabulous.

Nicki spotted me with Lime in the bEco (——————->) when we went to our first parkrun over in Banstead Woods. She took a photo, we talked a little and that was that. Then we met her again in Riddlesdown where she welcomed us with open arms and a big heart (and pencilled me in for various photography and marshalling positions ;p) and she has become a great friend to me. Nicki has an open ear for everyone, gives hugs (or chocolate) when required and is great fun to be with. 🙂

Now, she sadly doesn’t like photos of herself and although there exist a few I have honoured that feeling and stuck up a photo of her cat, Peggy.

Pssst…why not go and visit her Blog? She’s got big plans and a long bucket list, which contains a few things I want to do as well.. and maybe you can find something too. 😉

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