The written word

We are a family of book lovers. Me more so than the husband who sees no need in keeping books, and we have high hopes for Lime.

In today’s post I want to share Lime’s little library with you. I have to say, and I doubt I’m the only one doing this, that I pick up books that I like and that I kinda want her to like. I am always looking for books that are sweet, with a message and preferably merchandise free, if you get my drift. There’s not a ‚real‘ book shop in town, but we do have an Oxfam Book Store and a book section in the local WHSmith branch (stationary and magazines). Also, the many Charity shops sell books. You can find me in all of them. 😉

And here they are:

{Board Books}


A cute buggy book that she preferred to chew, hence the rough edges
Digger & Tractor. There’s also Train, Fire Engine & Racing Car but
they only sold these two
This came free in the Book Start bag
Sweet story where you lift flaps to show what’s underneath (free with Book Start)
My mum used to read the bottom one to us every night. She still knows it by heart.
Big ‚Where’s Wally/Waldo?‘ style book with a nursery theme
Touchy-Feely book with cute little monsters
Another Book Start gift
German Baby Dictionary
This is beautiful. Lovely pictures (free with Book Start)
More counting…this time with puppies
Elmer is gorgeous and his stories are sweet (free with Book Start)
A classic…although I didn’t know it until I had Lime
A book about musical instrument (free with Book Start)


{Other books}
‚When baby animals are tired‘ and ‚My favourite fabels‘
These used to be mine when I was a child. They’re actual stories.
I LOVE Russell! 😀
Very minimalist but sweet (came free with Junior)
Sweet little summer book (came free in a parenting mag)
Very short story in a very small book (free with Book Start)
From a range of Giles Andreae books (came free with Junior)
This is essentially an Encyclopedia with pictures
Thrifted. I LOVE it and Lime does too ^_^
Puzzles! Also, I haven’t read any but I want her to have all Dr Seuss books
{Classic Books}
Both Charity Shop finds. They’re old…and gorgeous
Every now and then we try to read a book to her, mostly it’s the board books like Digger and Tractor which she loves. She turns over a page and waits for you to read the two lines then turns another and so on. I hope she loves books as much as we do. I always dreamt of having a room full of books in my house and although there’s loads it’s still not the library I wish I had. One day…a girl can dream. 🙂
Do you love reading? What is your or your child’s favourite book? 

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