Ohhhhh! Deedoh!

I am a big fan of Ohdeedoh so whilst I was planning Lime’s Birthday I thought how fab it would be to have her featured on their Happy Birthday section. I forgot about it and only remembered AFTER her birthday was done and dusted but I thought: better late than never.

So, I sent of a couple of photos and a few lines. And I was told to wait.

Today, the waiting came to an end.

Link to the page

I am very happy about this. 😀 The only thing I can’t believe is that I didn’t send a photo of all three of us. The man in the last photo is actually Opa. D’oh!

Well, anyway. I hope she can appreciate this (that is, if it’s still accessible when she’s old enough to understand.) I did take a nice screenshot though. (Clearly.)


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