The one in which I met your Papa


(I might get all the past tense and its friends completely wrong in here but I’m foreign. I’m allowed ;p Just let me know in the comments, thanks! 🙂 On a side note: I once had photos from 7 years ago… I can’t find them anymore 😦 …*sigh*)

7 years and about a month ago I sat in a random pub in Camden amongst a group of women and the only thing we had in common was our love for Radiohead…and Cheesecake. And those were also the reasons why we had met up in London coming from all over the world to talk…uhm Music.

A couple of hours after arriving, three more people came to join us. I didn’t know them and one of them really got on my nerves. She was French but that wasn’t why she was annoying, it was more her being all over this cute guy and trying to be funny and the centre of attention. Well, whatever it was I wasn’t interested and he was either her boyfriend or gay…the other girls thought the latter. And he had come along because he was bored at home. Now there’s a thought.
He hadn’t spoken to me or looked at me so I was surprised when on the way back to the Hostel where most of us were staying, he started talking to me. I remember asking him about his job and not understanding what he was telling me. Then I remember sitting in the back yard of said hostel, listening to music and then everybody was gone except him and me and he was talking to me. Oh dear. o_o
I faintly remember Grapes..the unusual kind, and offerings of his coat in case I was cold. He was funny and sweet and why was he talking to me? Weird.
We went upstairs, he sat leaning against the door, I sat next to my friend on her bed. Next thing I remember…
I woke up and he was gone. Great. *sigh*
The next day I went back to Germany where I was still without Internet as I had recently moved into my little flat in Berlin-Wedding..or maybe it just didn’t work, I can’t remember. It made it impossible in staying in contact and up to date. My friend, who had left London the day after me, kept me updated and told me she’d been in touch with this guy and oh he’s so cute and she likes him and they talk all the time on MSN and stuff. Ah. Nice. I am happy for you. No, seriously. Nobody ever likes me like that.
My friend wanted to come and visit me in Berlin with him. I was looking forward to that and thought I’d better tell her that I do like him too, but just so she knows in case she finds me looking at him funny or sad or whatever. She got it completely wrong. She thought I wanted to get between them and claim him for myself. ‚Hands off my boyfriend‘ is what I remember most. We haven’t spoken since.
When I had my internet back, I somehow managed to get in touch with him via the forum we all lived in frequented. We started talking and it became clear that whatever SHE had told me hadn’t quite reached HIM aka she might have had a crush on him, but he had not. Aha.
One day, quite suddenly, he announced that he might as well come to Berlin to see me considering he was sitting at home spending his two weeks of holiday staring at the screen talking to me. Oh cool.
When he walked through the doors at Berlin Tegel I should’ve fainted with nerves. What I did instead was hug him. Cringe.
I was mortified for most of the time, trying to think of clever or funny things to say…or just anything in fact, but whenever I managed to FINALLY come up with a sentence I was happy with the moment had passed or I was too shy to speak. Gaaah.
We were so awkward. We had Pizza on the first night and he wanted Pepperoni. Lots of it. I wondered if he was sure about that. Yeah. Ok. The Pizza he got had Pepperoni on it…one, in the middle. In England they call them Chilli. He was a little disappointed.
7 years ago it was late and we went to bed. Beck’s Sea Change was playing quietly.
7 years ago I was suddenly pulled into a bear hug.
7 years ago I finally found someone who DID like me like THAT.
Bby, I love you. I will forever be grateful for whatever weird star constellation made you go to that pub in Camden and then to Berlin because god knows it would be too much hassle for you nowadays. ;p
A spot of self-indulgence. Please click me, I’m HUGE!
Oh and of course, he came to visit me often, I went to London a couple of times. We even met in France! In 2006 I finally packed my bags and moved in. In 2007 we moved out into our own flat. In 2009 we moved again… this time into the lovely countryside because we’re boring like that. In 2010 we got married AND had our Baba and now it’s 2011 and there are so many things we want to do, places to see and fun stuff to do with the babe. The to-do list is endless. We are – as they say – happy. 🙂
Forevaaah, girlfriend!

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