Shoes, hats and uhm…pots

Despite being only 13 months old (well, almost…), Lime already owns way too many shoes and hats. Up until last week they’ve all been sitting in one of the drawers in our fancy IKEA Hemnes sideboard.

When we bought her her first ‚real‘ shoes…with a firm sole and all, you know, because of Autumn and Winter, enough was enough and we had to figure out a storage system. For a few days all of them, including the cardigans, lived on the floor in the spare room until I finally had the AHA! moment. And here’s what I came up with:

We do have more shoes…there’s just no space to put them all out


That’s right: flower pots 😉


Lime’s first pair of gorgeous TOMS…still a wee bit big


And this…
A few hats are missing due to being held hostage in a storage bag under the bed


How many shoes have you got? Do you love shoes? Hats? Is this too much? Share your thoughts! 😀


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