Eggcellent food

I like eggs. In fact, I don’t just like them, I adore them, which is why we have decided to add them back into our Vegan diet. This makes us Ovo-vegetarians. Here’s one of my favourite things to do with eggs and it’s also what we had for dinner tonight.

Free-Range and from ‚happy hens‘

I love that you can just throw whatever veg you fancy or whatever is left in your fridge (or wherever you keep your veggies) into an omelet. We buy most of our veg frozen so it keeps longer, is fresher and is cheaper. [(f) = frozen]

We added onion, squash, peppers, mushroom, carrot (f), swede (f) & peas (f)

We then mix the egg in a bowl and season.

We seasoned this with sea salt, sweet paprika, coriander powder & garlic powder

This was gorgeous. The possibilities are almost endless. We served this with a simple cucumber & tomato salad.

Cut small and served with an Olive Oil & Herb dressing

This delicious feast was followed by fresh and sweet local Strawberries.

Kentish Strawberries

Apart from the mushrooms and the frozen veg all of the produce used in this meal was bought this morning on the Tonbridge Farmers Market. We used 5 eggs (x-large) for 3 adults.

What did you have for dinner last night?

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