I don’t know how you all do it…

If someone has an idea how to maintain a blog whilst being busy with an almost 10 months old, let me know because at the moment it’s not happening. 😦

Mummy, do you think they’ll let me into the Rat Pack????

I guess it’s quite good to shift the focus away from the www for a while but I DO feel I miss out (gossip, new research, competitions etcetc).

You might have read that we’ve been on a little holiday last week and I promise I will write about it/post way too many photos, but there’s just no time. We are barely home in the day because whenever we are Lime gets restless and I’m just bored. There’s only so much singing and crawling around you can do in a 2 bed flat without a garden. *sigh*.

Saying all this, the little crazy one is currently asleep in her pram in the hallway. I wheeled her in and she normally wants out straight away, but as I opened the post in front of her, she just looked at me with tired eyes and a few minutes later she was in dreamland. 🙂 And I am supposed to have lunch, but instead I stand here typing.

Well then…I’m off to have a Bagel then. Until then…

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