For when we’re old and grey… Part 2

Between me hitting ‚Publish‘ last night and waking up this morning, this is what we remembered:

Dramatic Chipmunk (2 weeks)
    • Milky-milks
    • Scratch-a-boos
    • Boobster
    • Chipmunk
    • ‚Upsy Daisy, ups, ups, ups, ups, ups‘
    • ‚Are you going to Scarborough Fair, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme/Lime, remember when lalalalalalahaaa, she onnce was a true love of mine. Tell her I’m going to Scarborough Fair, (and repeat)‘
    • ‚I know someone that you know. He’s coming over to say Hello. They call him Mr Dshingles yeaaaaaaah. They call him Mr Dshingles yeaaaaaah‘
    • ‚Good morning, good morning the day is dawning. Good day, good day the sun is on her way. Good evening, good evening the sun is leaving. Good night, good night the stars they shine so bright‘
Stretcha-boos (13 weeks)
  • Limette
  • ‚Clap your little feet, clap clap clap‘
  • Stretch-a-boos
  • ‚And the cow says Mooooo, and the sheep says Baaaaa. And the birdie says….Tweet tweet. Tweet tweet.‘
  • ‚Und die Kuh macht muuuuh, und das Schaf macht maaaaaeh und das Voeglein macht tweet tweet. Tweet tweet.‘
  • ‚And the owl says…whoohoooooo. Whohooooooo‘
  • ‚And the daddy says buuurp, and Matilda says poooooop and the mummy says tweet tweet. Tweet tweet (Twitter)‘
  • Hiccs-a-Boos
  • My little Angle
  • ‚Bumpedybumpedybum. Bum Bum Bum…‘
  • ‚Suuuupergirl, flying ‚round the house. She’s going to save the world from disaster‘
  • ‚Everytime you open my mouth, you put your foot in it‘
Suuupergirl – unimpressed (14 weeks)
  • Grumpy One
  • Grizzle Chops
  • Grizzler
  • Smellyfoot!
  • Kitten
  • Upsiiiiies
  • Stranded One
  • ‚Would you like a kiss-kiss? Kiss, kiss‘
  • ‚Would you like a swing, swing, swing‘
  • ‚Three Lions on a shirt…‘
  • ‚We’re singing for England! ENGERLAND! We’re singing a soooong. Woooooooh!‘
  • (When in the car and Lime cries): ‚The wheels in the car go round and round, round and round etc/the lights on the car go flash, flash, flash etc/the wipers on the car go wipe, wipe, wipe etc/the Radio on the car goes *opera.sounds* etc/the daddy in the car goes drive, drive, drive etc/ the mummy in the car goes chat, chat, chat etc/the baby in the car goes sleep, sleep, sleep (or others) etc….‘
….probably to be continued…

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