For when we’re old and grey… Part 1

Mr D y’all
  • Sneez-a-boos
  • yawnsie-boos
  • cough-a-boos
  • windy-boos
  • nappy naps
  • sleepy sleeps
  • nursy nurse
  • poo poos
  • pee pees
  • (Would you like a ride on the) bouncy bus?
  • Mr Dshingles
  • Patchrick
  • Mr Spoon
  • ‚What’s going on around/in here?‘
  • ‚Howdy, outside is a little bit cloudy but in here it’s nice and clear‘
  • ‚Honey, outside is a little bit sunny…‘
  • ‚Matilda…do you wanna be a builder?‘
  • ‚We’re gonna get in the car. We’re gonna drive very far. Mummy, Daddy and Matilda/all the way to Westminster‘
  • ‚Baba Blacksheep, have you any wool? Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full. One for the Daddy, one for the Ma and one for the little girl called Matilda‘
  • ‚Laaaaa la la lalalalaaa, lalalalaaaa heeeheeey Liiiime…‘
  • ‚Put your hands in the air and wave ‚em like you just don’t care. To the left. To the right. (repeat to fade)‘
  • ‚Let’s go for a little walk..under the moon of love…etc‘
  • ‚Elephants and Tigers, Zebras and Spiders. These are the animals that live in Africa‘
  • ‚Zebras and Giraffes, Monkeys that  wear scarfs. These are the animals that live in Africa‘
  • ‚Elephants and Zebras, Tigers and Libras. These are the animals that live in Africa‘
  • ‚It’s not easy being green‘
  • Que cera, cera, whatever will be will be. The future’s not ours to see. Que cera, cera. What will be will be.‘
  • ‚Booboo, boo boo booboo boo boooo, booboo, boo boo booboo boo boooo…‘
  • ‚Shakey shakey shakey shakes..the shakey shakey shakey shakes…‘
Little Robot – it says so on the sleep suit
    • (My) Little Robot
    • Booboo
    • Boo
    • Boobilee
    • Boobalicious
    • Baba
    • Little Lady
    • Citrusy One
    • Stinker
  • Two little, one large/one tiny, one big
to be continued…
PS Yes, we DO say ’normal‘ words. ;p

PPS Sung/Spoken


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