The three faces of Lime

Happy 8 months Baba 🙂
What you like: nursing (lots), chewing everything in sight (particular favourites: my camera, phone and laptop, magazines, books, the buggy, zips and our telephone), bouncing, blowing raspberries and watching the world around you.
What you don’t like: being alone, being on your tummy (although you do now get into the crawl position so end up on your tummy all the time), Banana.
We have given you some veg to chew on and maybe eat, but you don’t seem very interested. You seem to enjoy Red Pepper and Celery a lot (although that face suggests otherwise, hehe).
Nom nom nom
Well, time seems to fly and we’re already planning your Birthday in August. Oma & Opa are coming to see you and they might even bring a little present. 😉

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