Counting flowers on the wall

Here is a photo of my Mother’s Day flowers. Gerbera are one of my favourite flowers. They are simple, beautiful, soft but strong. And their colours are so vibrant. This photo was taken 8 days after they were bought.

Aren’t they beautiful? The one on the left is now my Desktop Picture. 🙂

My other favourite flowers are Tulips, Snowdrops, Sunflowers, Eustoma as well as Carnations & Lilies (for the smell mainly). I love mostly white blooms but any colour will do as long as it doesn’t look cheap. 😉

Here is a photo of my wedding bouquet. We were told that having Tulips is a rare choice and we’re quite brave to have them. I just wanted something simple, elegant, innocent and clean so white Tulips it was.

I realise this post came out of the blue but I love flowers. And I love photography so combining the two just seems like the ideal thing to do. 😀

What are your favourite flowers? And which colour – if you have a preference.


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