Silence isn’t always golden_Part 2

Part 2 (Photo heavy and a bit TMI)

Now, it has taken me longer than expected, but here is part 2 of Silence isn’t always golden.


I last spoke about Thursday, so next up is Friday. The husband came over for lunch with chips and peas (Yum!) and watched some Scrubs and Lime and Daddy played a little then he went back to work. We had planned on popping into Surrey Quays before heading back home to Tonbridge and I wanted to go and look at some books in Waterstones. So we did just that.

I packed Lime into the Buggy and we headed off. It was drizzly and meeeh, but she seemed happy to look at the people and the traffic.

Once in store, I sat her on the floor whilst I looked at the books. It wasn’t long before I heard her bring up milk. It was a lot. I cleaned her (and the floor) and continued.

She brought up more milk. In fact, she did this 3 times.

I bought 2 books and we left. I wanted to have a look in Lilywhites for walking boots, but while waiting at the Picadilly traffic lights I caught her bringing up stuff again. This time it was green. I immediately cancelled any more shopping and rang the husband at work asking him to google ‚baby green vomit‘.  He came back with ‚could be a blockage in the stomach‘. Lime had been partial to magazines and paper recently, so I thought that might be a reason.






I almost ran home. She seemed out of it, eyes half closed not reacting to me calling her. Then all of a sudden she snapped back and smiled and seemed ok. That only lasted for 1 minute or so.

Once back in Westminster I tried nursing her. As soon as she sat back up, she brought it all back up. I tried again and this time she seemed almost drunk. The stuff she vomited up was still green, but also watery…then thick. We decided to go to St Thomas’s hospital to have them check her ‚just in case.‘

We arrived at Children’s A&E sometime around 6pm. In the corridor leading to the A&E entrance Lime brought more bile up this time with blood specks in it.

Now, call me impatient, but the E in A&E suggests that there’s a sense of urgency. But no, there isn’t. We were told to sit and wait. After 20 minutes they finally checked her over (which included weighing her: 6.6kg). The nurses face dropped a little when she learned that we haven’t vaccinated our baby..she asked ‚Is that because you don’t believe in them?‘. Uhm, you could say that, yeah. We were sent into a cubicle because she ‚was at risk of infection‘ (well, THAT put my mind at rest. >_< NOT).

Dash to the hospital (on the far right)
We were given a tube-like thing for Lime to pee into and told to strip her naked so she doesn’t wet herself.

Well, 4 hours later she still hadn’t peed, had brought up even more water (we had to give her 5ml of cooled, boiled water every 5 minutes.) and was so very exhausted and tired. Every time she fell asleep, someone came in and woke her up.

We also had to tell 4 or 5 people the same story. Funny thing is, every now and then she would snap out of it again and smile and chew and play.

Walking home

Finally, sometime after 10pm we were able to leave, but not before I cried my eyes out at the thought of her having to be admitted to have an IV Drip (she had brought up all the water we gave her.) The nurses weren’t concerned, told us she wasn’t dehydrated but to come back if she got worse.

Like I said, we wanted to go home on Friday, but we decided to stay.

The diagnosis was Gastroenteritis but I don’t think so. It seemed very mild and more as if something didn’t agree with her. What stumped us was that nobody cared about maybe taking the soiled muslin and order a lab test to see if there’s anything in her stomach like a bug or so. Only when I accidentally caught some of the sick in a bowl and someone walked in and I pointed the bowl out did a nurse think of doing so. They came back saying ‚everything was fine‘. Ah.

Throughout the stay in hospital, I have taken photos. I won’t post them all by themselves, too many. So here’s a collage:

My poor Baba

Saturday was spent lazing about, nursing, watching TV, reading, playing with her in the rare minutes of ’normal‘ and watching her sleep (and washing nappies and towels.) She spent most of Saturday naked or in a nappy only, wrapped in towels as she was hot and easier to clean whenever she brought milk or water back up which she did but not much. In fact, she’d nurse and only vomit and hour or so later, so we knew she kept some stuff down. (Besides, all the tops we’d brought were wet)

At one point I made the husband wrap her in two thick towels and take her outside for a few minutes, so she could get some fresh air and sunshine (Vit D).

A little ray of sunlight
Sleepy and exhausted

Anyway, Saturday night was the last time she vomited a little bit of water so we decided to go home. By then she seemed almost normal, I’d say 90% ok. She clearly was still fragile, but kept milk down.

So, this was why it was quiet around her. I believe that she picked up whatever it was at the Baby Group the Thursday before as two other mums and two babies were ill as well. Everybody is better now, though.


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