Congratulations. And Celebrations.

Today we celebrated The Husband’s 34th birthday. He got two lovely cards from me and Lime as well as four books. I made a cake following this fab and easy recipe from The New Mommy Files for a ‚Vegan Poppy Seed Lemon Cake‘.

I just forgot to buy Poppy Seed and it collapsed in the middle and was gooey because the heat was too high. But it was yummy.

The husband’s mum, sister and her family came down to see us. The day started off really nice with sunshine and lots of cleaning.  So we headed out to Haysden Park.

Lime fell asleep on the way there.

That’s right. She’s sitting up. :p

The walk was nice, relaxed and welcome. So was the fresh air. Not so much the cold wind that started coming up after the sun disappeared behind the clouds as we reached the park and sat down for lunch, while the kids ran around the playground.

Everybody else had Sandwiches, but we had made some Pasta for ourselves..which was gloopy because I was stuck under a sleeping Lime when it was sitting in the boiling water… the Pasta..not the Lime.

We stuck the baby into a swing for some cute photos.


And when it got too cold we went back home.

To eat cake. Well, some of us…

So, here it is. Another year older. Happy Birthday Dear. {Mwah} 😀


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