We’re gonna get in the car…

Today we went to IKEA. I love IKEA. The husband hates IKEA. The last time we went we had a BIG row and he announced he would NEVER EVER set foot in to that place again.

Well, I made him. We were going to buy a high chair for Lime…and have a look at some other bits and pieces. ;p

Now, I do like how you can just whizz from one department to another via all those shortcuts, BUT at the same time you can get sooo lost. We got lost. And just as we were approaching the Fabrics Section, the little lady had a Nappy emergency. Great. So we walked back..again. We went back and forth, up and down several times. At one point I got lost. And I never get lost. I’m like a Sat Nav without the Traffic Warning. 😉

We left IKEA with a high chair, a couple of storage boxes for her nappies and some baby sized coat hangers.

Also, as a side note: while out and about we only used cloth today. Wohoooo. 😀


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