A throw-away thought: Cloth Nappies

As of 1 February 2011 we are using Cloth Nappies. And I have no idea why it has taken me/us so long. I’ve bought my first nappies before Lime was even born (then waited too long to try and use them by which time they were too small… d’oh!). Over the last 5 months I bought 15 nappies from different brands or no-names, 90% are 2nd Hand.

What has taken me so long was some kind of fear of OMG WHAT DO I DO? But really, thinking about it rationally: nothing can happen that hasn’t already happened with a Disposable. We’ve had leaks and pooxplosions, so if that was to happen with a ’sposie…we knew how to handle it. I guess, I wanted to prove to myself (and to the slightly skeptic husband) that it works.

And OMG it does. I LOVE cloth! After only 3 days I am officially addicted. I mean, I was before because they are so very cute, but actually using them is a totally different kind of BUZZ. At first I thought we keep using ’sposies for the night and for going out, but today we went to the shop and yes, it was only 30mins or so, but I did it and I felt sooo great knowing that my gorgeous Babe was riding in her bEco wearing cloth. *burst* 😀

We still use ’sposies for the night, though. Just until we’re sure that nothing leaks and until we have found the best nappy for night time. And for longer outings we have to make a battle plan (and probably carry a few ’sposies around with us, just in case).

Now, I will be reviewing the nappies that I bought in a different post, but can already say that Wonderoos are unfortunately not for us. They just don’t fit. Lime is slim and long-ish and somehow the Babe and the Wonderoo don’t work well together.

There will also be a review on all the different Disposables we’ve been using so watch this place.

My next plan is to make up a potion to use for Re-usable wipes. I have the wipes (sosososo beautiful from the lovely Petit Guili) just need to sort it all out.

Here is a peek of things to come…


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