Mama Packs – a little review

Today we had a lovely parcel in the post. It contained two sets of cloth wipes and a Mama Pack. Now I thought I review the items inside the pack a little:

  • Paper: a little bottle shaped Ecover Voucher (yay). A card from FeminineWear (will definitely check them out), a sheet full of Discounts for things like Boobie Buddies, The Lactivist and The Nappy Garden. The book of green/eco living directory. A Child Benefit Claim form.
  • A sample of Rude Health Multirain Flakes (Low Fat)
  • A sample of Ecover Non Biological Washing Powder(We like Ecover. It cleans well and smells lovely.)
  • A nappy from Nature Babycare (they’re stiff but work. They also don’t stink.
  • A sample of Soap-nuts (we LOVE them)
  • A sample of Pregnacare Cream
  • A sample of Weleda Calendula Shampoo&Body Wash (I love the Weleda Calendula range)
  • A sample of Huebner Iron Vital F
  • one Galaxy Bar (hu?)
  • a few GinGins Double Strength Ginger Hard Candy (I won’t be trying those though. I don’t like Ginger much and double strength? No way. :p)

All presented in a re-usable cotton bag (I guess…). The Soap-nuts come in a little brown paper bag including instructions and a mesh bag to put them in.

When I was in hospital after Lime’s birth, a lady came round the ward armed to the teeth with Bounty Packs (I later saw a huge container full of them) and I was quite excited to get one. We got two and they were supposed to be different. Imagine our disappointment, when, after opening them, all we got was advert after advert, a Pampers nappy, a pack of J&J wipes, a Sudacream sample and basically it was all a big pile of plastic and corporate buying pressure. We gave most of it away, kept the Comfort softener and threw the rest away.

Not much later, I accidentally found out about MamaPacks (although it might have been before the birth…I don’t remember). Well, and 5 months after opening the disappointment that is a Bounty Pack I am delighted at the contents and smell of my Mama Pack. 😀 Thank you very much.

If you would like a MamaPack (the contents vary) just click on the link above. The side also provides a forum and lets you know what you can do to try and help the NHS get MamaPacks on board (they’re bound by Bounty…have a wild guess why?) It would be great to see the Packs in hospitals everywhere.

Update 26 April 2016: MamaPacks seemed to be no longer available, which is sad. Maybe one day, somebody else with continue this. *Fingers crossed*

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