Day 20: A childhood anecdote.

When we were about 10 or 12 or even younger..who knows…my cousin Mandy and I ‚borrowed‘ 5Deutsch Mark out off our nan’s purse and bought two cans of fizzy drink. I think one was a Sprite (see..even then… ;p)

We ‚hid‘ behind the house (which was surrounded by a fence and just next to a public walk way but at least hidden from family) and excitedly opened them…only to have explode in our faces. There was a huge BANG when we pulled the little thing on top and out came the content. We laughed so much… later in the evening we went to the local football field and imagined that we could see planet Venus… we were so scared. :-O (We also creeped into the local school which was small and ‚found‘ some chalk…)

I love remembering that day, especially though since my cousin sadly died in a car accident when she was 22(?). 😥

(left to right) my brother (now 26), Mandy, me (29 in Jan) and Mandy’s brother (now 27)

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