And one more for the road.

Today is your 3 month birthday. Wahaaaay. 🙂 We’re not celebrating your birthdays yet, but it’s still lovely to mark these monthly ones.

Now you’re at this stage you can follow objects (your favourite seems to be Mr Dshingles), you recognize songs and other things we’ve been annoying you with.

‚We’re singing for England. Eng-er-land! We’re singing a sooong. Weeeeeeee.‘

We have recently spent a week with your grandparents in London, which was especially lovely as you got to see Daddy quite often who works just across the road. 🙂 All week you’ve slept on this cheap mattress, but it was the best sleep any of us had since you were born. One night you slept from 10pm to 10am only waking once for a few minutes for a drink. :-O

I splashed out on a new carrier so you’re now traveling in even more style and our backs don’t hurt so much. I think you prefer this one to the Moby.

You’ve been quite unsettled lately, moaning and crying a little more than usual. We hope it’s just lots of development and nothing bad.

This weekend we’ll be getting your passport (which is ridiculously expensive. Even more so because we’re taking the Fast-Track route) and Daddy will be taking part in the Movember Run in Battersea Park. Go Daddy!! 😀

So far we had to pack away your little bear socks, your Mamas&Papas Bodysuits and your bear suit which your uncle Mike bought you. It’s all too small because you’ve grown so much.

That’s it for now. Next month should be even more exciting!

Until then…

A bad quality video of you and Mr Dshingles…and some silly voice over from me >_<


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