10 weeks

Can you believe it?

Now, the past few weeks have been almost insane with continuous nursing thanks to a growth spurt that seemed to last forever coupled with and followed by sleepless days. Yesterday, for example, I fought to get Lime to sleep but she wouldn’t have it. Thankfully, I found this in the comment section of one of the blogs I follow:


I swear it helped. We even used a night-sound app which played cricket sounds etc last night. Today I’ve been playing the WN almost all day and guess what, the baby slept. 😮 She’s currently napping again in my arms. 🙂 Yaaaay. Minor point: She DID spent almost every waking minute nursing but better than being fussy and crying.

We went out earlier today. I went to the GP’s to see if we could see the midwife who cared for us (she wasn’t in) and I made an appointment for us next Monday because Lime still has the white stuff in her mouth and the Nystan didn’t help.

We also had Lime’s Grandparents and Uncle visiting. They came in waves, first Oma, then Uncle and Opa only left on Tuesday. It was nice for everyone to be together, even though there might’ve been the odd uhm…argument. ;p

While Uncle Mathias was here the husband took part in the Big Fun Run in Maidstone and came 5th (we think). Photos here and here. He was joined by Uncle Michael who came in a bit later. We had a lovely day out (we later headed into Maidstone for lunch and a spot of shopping).

What else did we do that might be of interest? Ah, we went for a walk. I think it was the weekend between my brother leaving and my dad arriving. We walked just over 14km around Hildenborough. It was a gorgeous day and I thoroughly deserved my seat on the sofa afterward. ;p Photos here. We also went back to High Rocks, this time with my brother. There was only one other person there (apparently), the sun shone and it was lovely. We had lunch there and afterwards went for a drink in the pub opposite High Rocks. Oh, and I found £1.09 😀

I really need to write more here. *sigh* I also plan on writing up my birth story and Hospital experience. We’ll see when that happens.

For now I give you one of the latest photos of Lime.

Until next time.

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