It feels like a lifetime ago..

…that we walked into Victoria Ward at 7:30am on 19.08.10. Here you are, already 2 months old. It has certainly been two very interesting months.

You have grown so much, gained some much-needed weight and what’s more important: you have changed so much, it’s incredible. We recently looked at all the photos of you and although it was fantastic to see how far we’ve come already, a part of us misses your tiny, fragile self.

Two months on and you smile at us, especially when the owl is in the room or Daddy kisses your feet. You seem to be talking to us, although I think we all agree that at this stage you don’t make much sense ;p

You were and still are pretty strong and can stand on your feet, lift your head and look about and you’re still good at that breast crawl thing you do. Oh, and you can raise one eyebrow just like your Opa can.

When we go out we either take you in the pram which, lately, you don’t seem to like that much (or at least the action of lying down in it) or we carry you in the Moby Wrap in which you are nice and close to me or Daddy.

You have been to London with me quite a few times already: we went to pick up Oma at St Pancras, to meet my friend Judith at Camden (together with Oma), to see Nanny and Grandad in Westminster, to go shopping with Daddy and to visit my workplace, where you spent all day nursing. 🙂

We don’t know for sure, but we think you might now weigh about 4kg and you have already outgrown your first sleep suits: the Robots and the striped blue one. I’m sure I’ll put them away with a little tear in my eye. Funnily enough, you still don’t fit into most shop’s Newborn clothes.

You have learned so much and changed so much and we’re looking forward to seeing even more change and it being 2.03am, I simply cannot wait for one thing to change: for you to use your Number 2 body functions quietly. You’re grunter… ;p

And here’s a video of you at 8 weeks old:

Lots of love,

Mummy + Daddy 🙂

PS: Yes, the ‚Celebration‘ posts will be from Mummy + Daddy Cringe-worthy it may be but you know it makes sense. ;p


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