Almost every time someone stops us and asks the usual questions like ‚How old is he? – SHE is xy weeks.‘ they sometimes also ask this: Does she (or ‚he‘) sleep through/well? Why? Is it a) vital for you to know and b) vital for her to sleep through?

I see it like this:

As adults, we might not need a big meal in the middle of the night, but we might get up to go to the loo in the night, maybe even several times. Some of us are awake when doing so, others are almost asleep. Some go straight back to sleep and others need a little help or just take longer to settle back. So what is the difference when it comes to babies? Why is it so important for them to sleep? Because they wake US up and we HAVE to care for them and WE don’t like it. Or do we?

I, personally, don’t mind. Yes, I am dead tired and I LONG for a good night’s sleep under my warm and cozy duvet, BUT I have signed up for this: night wakings, feeds, nappies and maybe even a little bit of crying. Pregnancy has prepared me for disrupted nights by sending me to the bathroom 4-5x every night. Some night wakings are dealt with relatively quickly while others seem to take the whole night and I’m glad I discovered Mahjong and other online games on Facebook. :-s

This ‚extreme‘ phase of waking 3-8 times (depending on your baby, of course) will go away sooner than we might want it to because it means that our babies are growing and changing. They will feed less and therefore depend on us less. They will sleep longer and probably worry us for the first few nights this happens, because we fear they might not be breathing. But we’ll get over it.

I like sitting with her in the dead of the night, playing Mahjong, reading and writing on Babycentre etc and hearing her little sighs and seeing her little face. What I don’t like are the bits where she is grunting and straining and coughing and holding her breath because her nose is blocked and then she might cry and I just don’t know how to help her get over any pain she might feel, but I know one thing will help her feel better: sleeping on or next to me – although even that sometimes is a battle as she’s just so tiny still and fidgety and I can’t wait for her to be able to see properly or control her body.

As I am writing this Lime is fast asleep on her Oma’s belly/chest and I am waiting for her to wake up so we can proceed with the ‚Going to bed‘ theme: nappy, Laaaaa and then hopefully she will sleep some more. 😉

Until then… *yawn*


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