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The GreenParent October/November 2010 horoscope for


After my research into Capricorn and Saturn I now understand you both much better. The unusual (for you) self-searching that’s been going on should have given some answers to burning questions. This is a new experience for you and one that will (eventually) become second nature but it’s still unnerving. If you can detach yourself from wanting to have it all right now you’ll discover that you will grow with this experience. Look back at history – others have done too – George Chinnery a famous portrait painter being one.


Now Uranus is going retrograde in Pisces. Can you remember how it feels on a fun-fair ride? Knocked about and your mind spinning as your body flies around. This is how things are now. Exciting but exhausting. Inspirational but tiring. With Jupiter also retrograde the temptation is to over-eat and indulge in all those bad habits you thought you’d left behind. Don’t lose the plot now, all planetary energies eventually stop. If you stay off all stimulants and get an earthy friend to give you a regular aromatherapy massage, you’ll pull through.


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