I think we’re nearly there…

Soooo… it is just after 4pm on Wednesday 18.08.2010 and we’ve been to the Hospital earlier for my Pre-Op appointment. The lady was nice, she answered some questions, she gave us some information and then she took two tubes of my blood. That’s it.

Then we decided it would be a good idea for me to have a dressing gown, so we went to ‚Royal Victoria Place‘ in Tunbridge Wells to spend the rest of our Wedding Vouchers in M&S on a dressing gown for me. (We went there on Sunday to buy night dresses for me and socks for the husband, but apparently you have to be uhm…big to fit in any of M&S’s things and we couldn’t make our mind up about the dressing gowns so left.

We also picked up a pack of sleeping suits for the baby and a bath thermometer. Yeah, exciting, I know. :p

Now it’s pretty much waiting, I guess. We had lunch, cleaned up some more, washed the last of the clothes and now we’re sitting here waiting for the in-laws. They’re on holiday and in the area and we plan to go out for dinner. Probably some pasta. Hmmmm.


About tomorrow, then: we have to be on the ward at 7.30am where they will ‚get me ready‘ and then we have to just sit and wait until it’s our turn as we’re on a list. Not sure how long that list is, though. Could change at any minute I guess.

If you asked me how I felt about it all I couldn’t really give you an answer. I feel nothing really. Deep down I’m massively worried and scared that they do something wrong or worse, but I don’t have any actual feelings at the moment. I’m sure tomorrow I’ll be in tears and nervous and scared and excited.

They say they usually think that staying in for 2 days (where the OP is day 0) is enough so I might be out on Saturday. We’ll see and take it easy.

They say I can have my phone with me, so I will try and let you know how we get on. I’m sure the husband will do something similar. I hope he’s taking enough books :p.

I still haven’t got my head around the fact that tomorrow evening (I guess) our baby will be here with us. It’s crazy. We’ve (or better I have) been waiting for this moment for most or all of our/my life and here it is so close and it just seems such an odd thing to happen to us.

Well, we have all our morals and ideals and ideas and dreams lined up so all we need to do now is realise them. 🙂

Btw, this won’t be my last entry. The Blog’s name might not fit anymore (if it’s a boy) but that won’t stop me from telling you all about our future adventures 😀 Hope you can’t wait! HAHA!

Until then. Wish me/us luck!

xoxo Nev


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