This pregnancy is full of surprises. Part BLOODY 3

I can’t wait for all of this to be over. Seriously. I try to explain.

Last Wednesday we obviously had the ECV which didn’t work and one of the many midwives told us that ’somebody would get in touch tomorrow (Thursday) to let you know when your c-section is‘. Ok.

Come Thursday morning, a lady calls from the Hospital and says that my c-section is on Monday and my Pre-OP appointment is on Friday (today) at 2pm. They will do Swabs (to check if I have MRSA) and take blood and have I signed a consent form? ‚No‘. ‚Ah, they will do that too then.‘ Ok.

So today then we’re off to the Hospital, had lunch there (Jacket Potato + Baked Beans) and then headed to the Delivery Suite where we assumed the appointment would take place – because as usual nobody has mentioned where we should go. Of course, that was wrong and we had to go back to where we normally have our scans. Fair enough. Remember, appointment was at 2pm, we arrived at 10 or 5 to 2pm…and weren’t seen until 2:50pm.

So we sat there with a very hectic nurse who I then completely threw by asking whether we will be seeing someone about this c-section. ‚Huh????‘ ‚Yeah, we thought that it is customary to speak about it, the risks, before, after, etc?!‘ ‚Oh, did you want to speak to someone then?‘ „Erm, yeah.. I also haven’t signed this consent form, they said we’d do that today?!‘ ‚Oh, uhm..erm..let me see if I can get a Doctor‘.

30mins and £1 wasted later (The husband had to run and refill the car-parking machine) the midwife pops back in and announces that she has booked us in for this ‚Interview‘ on Monday and the c-section has now been moved to Thursday, is that ok?


The husband wasn’t in the room and when he came back and was told he was visibly pissed off. I was in a few tears for a few seconds – it’s just too much. I complained about how we’re being pushed around and how nobody talks to us, informs us etc and how it seems that nobody knows what others have done. To ASSUME that we have had that interview on Wednesday when I had actually ASKED the lady on the phone on Thursday about it and she said that that would be done on Friday and then NOTHING had been booked/arranged just baffles (This ASSUMING thing is something they seem to be doing there, this is not the first time we appear for something that wasn’t booked/ordered although they said – when asked – they’d done it)

So, on Monday at 11am we have the interview about the c-section. On Wednesday we have the appointment for my blood to be taken etc and on Thursday – dunno when – it will hopefully be our baby’s birthday.

Don’t get me wrong: the midwives at Pembury are lovely and caring but the communication and information flow is rubbish and in my opinion dangerous -> they would have done a c-section a) without my consent and b) without informing us about risks and aftercare.

Also, on a side note: according to the Hospital I am today 38 weeks + 3 days. The original c-section date would have been 38 weeks + 6 days. They told us, and this is common, they get breech babys ‚out‘ about 2 weeks before the due date. Now, the new date will make me 39 weeks + 2 days..which is so close to my due date which – huh? – all of a sudden is now problem anymore???? Ridiculous. But at least we got one thing we wanted: to have the c-section as late as possible to give the baby more time to put on more weight or even turn (

*big.sigh* I just want it to be over. I can’t believe I now have to wait 4 more days.


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