New Purchases

Haven’t updated much lately, but then there’s not much to say really. Next scan is only on Monday, so we have to wait for further news on Lime’s growth etc.

I have 7 days left to work….. WOHOOOO! *cough* It doesn’t feel like it, though. It’ll be weird to go home on that Friday and not come back for a year…

Right, the point of this post was to bore you all a little more with our shopping:

This is a sleeping bag (or GroBag as they are called. Don’t you hate how Brand names take over descriptive names? Like Pampers, Tempo, Fairy etc… ARGH!) Anyway, this is from Olli&Lime (you may guess why I wanted this apart from it looking lovely ;p). I got it on eBay for half the RRP. Nice!

And this is more Fluffy Post from 🙂 They’re quite big, so we’ll see when and if they fit Lime. If they don’t then we probably sell them on…which is the beauty of Re-usables. 😀 But aren’t they lovely and sunny??? They’re called NaughtyBaby.

We’re either 34 or 35 weeks today depending on who you listen to. According to an average baby and Lime’s measurements last time she’s 1kg underweight. And just to dispel any rumors: I am not worried about her being small. Not at all. I am worried about them trying to interfere when she’s doing much better inside the Coconut where she gets everything she needs. Unless there is an immediate medical need for her to be born, I don’t want them to touch her. THAT is what I am worried about. 😦 Nobody seems to understand or everyone seems to always assume that this is what worries us. It doesn’t. Just ask. Thank you. 🙂



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