The news today…

We had our 5th scan today and our Baby has gained another 200-ish g. She now weighs approx. 1674g (or 3lbs 11ozs) which is good. (I found out that I weighed 3450g when I was born a week late and was 52cm long.)

Again, we were told that our baby is a small one and indeed some people have small babies. Right then. :-s

Lime’s measurements have ‚evened out‘ to the left:

BPD (The diameter of the fetal head as measured from one parietal eminence to the other.) 82.0mm

Head Circumference 293.7mm

Waist 260.8mm

Thigh length

Something called afi (Amniotic fluid index) has gone from 13cm to 11cm and came with the result: normal. However, the Sonographer made an extra comment about it so I guess it’s something they are monitoring.

Doppler results were good.

Something that did come as a bit of a surprise was the idea of maybe having to be induced around weeks 38 or 39 (or in our time scale: 37 or 38) due to Lime being small. I guess that’s only gonna happen if she stops growing, however, those words weren’t said and we can only assume. *sigh*

Oh, and she’s still breech. 😦

Her movements are becoming increasingly painful and/or uncomfortable but it’s nice to feel them. 🙂 She also has loads of hiccups tehehehee.

We didn’t get any photos this time apart from one which shows…uhm..something..and the Doppler measurements.

Next scan: 26.7.10 at 12pm.

Coming up: Fluffy Post!!! Wohoooooo!

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