We are viable!

(TW: Abortion)


A doctor will say that a pregnancy is „viable“ if there are no indicators of miscarriage and there is a reasonable expectation that the pregnancy will result in the birth of a live infant. A nonviable pregnancy would be a pregnancy in which there is no chance of a live infant being born, such as an ectopic pregnancy, a molar pregnancy, or a pregnancy in which the baby no longer has a heartbeat.

The term „age of viability“ refers to the point in pregnancy at which the baby could have a chance of survival if born prematurely, which is generally around 24 weeks of pregnancy.

I am very happy. 🙂 Unfortunately, as I have learned last week, others are not so lucky. In Shanghai babies born before 30 weeks are considered medical waste which is disturbing and disgusting. What more it is heartbreaking. Perfectly healthy, but slightly premature babies are being left do die why exactly?

In Europe, abortion is usually only allowed up to 12 weeks (18 weeks in Sweden, 21 weeks in the Netherlands, 24 weeks in Great Britain). In France, unless the fetus is severely deformed or the mother’s health is directly at risk, any abortion after the first twelve weeks is illegal. There are no laws or restrictions regulating abortion in Canada, while Australia places heavier restrictions on the procedure.

So, I could have in fact still aborted her yesterday in some countries, but at the same time if our baby was born tomorrow she’d be kept alive (if she had an obvious chance of surviving = she’s not severely ill.) This is shocking. Last night, Lime must have had a firework in my belly as she was bubbling, kicking and bouncing all over the place. I assume it’ll get more and more, but this was amazing to feel. I am now going to bed and leave you with the above and a hug.

Good night.


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