Lime’s Star Sign..

I have a feeling that we’ll be having a little Virgo..

VIRGO (Aug 24 – Sept 23)

This is a fastidious child – her eye for detail is beneficial but she needs to learn what’s important. She loves cleanliness and tidiness. Her powers of discrimination may make her a choosy eater. She loves to please – rejection will be very deeply felt. She is curious and interested in many things, always prepared to apply herself fully to the learning process.

Personality key: Analytical, clever, efficient, critical, fastidious, precise, methodical, careful and modest.

Parent power: Baby Virgo’s self-confidence will grow in direct proportion to the praise she receives.


Your Virgo Child: In Search of Perfection

Practicality and conscientious attention to detail are two of your Virgo child’s foremost traits, even from an early age. You might find her organizing her toys or saving her allowance to buy some coveted item while other children spend their money on immediate gratification.

Your little Virgo isn’t likely to be frivolous. Rather, she measures the pros and cons of a situation and goes with what makes the most sense. Virgo children have high standards and are naturally cautious, so they can seem picky or reserved, but this is simply because they prefer to stand back and assess a situation rather than throwing themselves into it.

Your Virgo child is a natural helper. She appreciates order and genuinely wants to pitch in and be of service to the family and, later, to the world — a trait that should be commended and developed.

As the parent of a Virgo, you’ll need to temper your child’s expectation of perfection with the message that sometimes, good enough is just that — good enough. Build up her confidence as much as you can, for your child is likely to be self-effacing and overly humble.

Help your little Virgo relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of life by getting outside into nature — going swimming or for a long, meandering walk. Balanced meals, scheduled naps, and regular downtime will all be important for your Virgo child, who may tend to be rather fretful and anxious. Anything that promotes relaxation will help your child stay calm and centred.
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A serious existence

Your Virgo child takes after you in so many ways. He’s grounded and practical, even as a youth, and he appreciates the well-ordered, stable home life you provide. He thrives in a structured environment, which feeds his preference for symmetry and organisation. You notice and appreciate early on the way your little Virgo keeps his room clean and helps out with the housework, often without being asked. All of that is wonderful, but who brings the humour to your lives?

You and your child are both mature for your age, perhaps overly so. You’re both emotionally reserved, and you respond more to practical concerns than to emotional appeals. If there’s no one around to lighten the mood and remind you to relax and – gasp! – play once in a while, life in your house could get pretty serious.
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Constant love

Your Virgo child needs the structure of routine to stay centred, which can be a tall order for you. Your parenting style is much more relaxed. You may not get dinner on the table at the same time every night or tuck your little one into bed at seven o’clock on the dot. For you, life is more about following your vivid imagination than sticking to a regular schedule. Your little Virgo isn’t nearly so impulsive though. This child responds best to grounded, practical influences and thrives on consistency.

Little Virgo can store up lots of nervous energy when he feels his world is too chaotic. The love you give your little Virgo is constant, of course, and he clings to that like a lifeline.
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