The day after our One Month Anniversary

I seem to have entered a new phase now. I can’t stop eating. I wouldn’t say I’m desperately hungry, but I just don’t seem to feel full. I guess it’s ok considering I barely ate all January and according to the information about pregnancy, the more the bump grows, the less I will eat as nothing will fit into my stomach. (We’ll see). I try to stick to healthy stuff, but every now and then I do want something sweet (who doesn’t?)

As the title suggests it has been a month and a day since we got married. I’m coming to ‚terms‘ with it aka getting used to it. It’s still so weird to call myself Mrs S. and hearing Steve call me is wife. :p But it also makes me proud to BE his wife. 🙂

It was Steve’s birthday on Friday and I got him a cheesy card (could’ve been cheesier, but somehow when you need them all they have is rubbish or funny cards..and when you need funny cards etc…) I also got him a Remote Shutter Control for his camera (we’ll see how often that will be used :p) and his new favourite (*cough*expensive*cough*) soap & hand lotion from Mr Molton. Oh, and I promised I’d take him out to Tibits and to see a film of his choice (probably ‚Clash of the Titans’… wohooo)

In Lime news… I seem to have days where I still don’t feel pregnant at all and where (worse) the bump feels and looks more like a fat belly.. *sigh* Had one of those days yesterday. Today the belly is a bit firmer again, which means I feel better. Can’t wait for Friday when I’ll have the Midwife Appointment.

And that’s it for now. I leave you with a new photo of a new hat as modelled by Lime:



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