Pregnancy Announcement


I would like to introduce to you Lime. This will not be his or her name, don’t worry ;p it’s rather the ‚Working Title‘ which came about when we discovered that by the time we had our first scan she* was the size of a Lime. 😀

Baby Lime is due August 2010 which is seemingly far away, but when you think about that only being 6 months away it suddenly seems very CLOSE! Eeeek.

We’re eagerly awaiting the 6th April when we’ll have our 2nd scan. So far everything seemed and looked and tested fine. *fingers crossed*

From now on I’ll try to keep this blog in full flow..updating on new adventures or new sightings.. (3 to follow)

Btw: These posts will go straight to Facebook so some of you might have read this already (or seen the photos). I just thought it is easier. 🙂

*she will be a ’she‘ until proven otherwise on day of birth. ’she‘ is not an indication of what currently resides in my belly. :p Y’all will have to wait and see..just like us. Ha!

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